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  • Dr. Gargi Sandilya

Appreciation - NOW is a GOOD time!

Do you often wait for the perfect opportunity, the perfect situation or the perfect time to start appreciating what you have?

There is no perfection in this world and yet every aspect of it is already perfect as it is. It depends on how we perceive the world around us.

Take a moment to PAUSE and just LOOK around. Really look at the objects in your surroundings, wherever you may be right now. As you look around and observe each object around you, become aware of what each object makes you feel? What meaning does each of the objects hold for you? Do you see the perfection in each object as it is?

Now, close your eyes if you wish to and move your attention to the people in your life. Bring them to mind one by one and become aware of how each one adds to your experience of life. Looking beyond the obvious, notice if you can see the perfection in each of them. And now think of yourself. Can you see the perfection in yourself? Can you accept and approve of yourself just as you are right here, right now?

Practicing the affirmation, “I see beauty in everything around me” daily can help slowly and gently become more appreciative of all things around us.

Practice appreciation for this week and drop me a line about your experience.

Wish you FUN with appreciation!

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