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  • Dr. Gargi Sandilya

Dancing to your Inner Rhythm

We have all danced to music at some time or other. But have you ever danced to the inner music, the rhythm that flows form within?

Today, I invite you to stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground, close your eyes and quieten your mind by focusing on your breath for a few moments. As you breathe in and breathe out, feel your mind and body relaxing. As you relax, move your attention to the sounds and rhythm inside the body, the rhythm of breathing, of the heart beating and the pulse. Tuning in to the sounds within your body, allow your body to start moving. You could begin with moving a hand, and then add the head, sway your body a bit and then bring your entire body into it. Allow your body to move however it wants to. Simply experience it. Be with this movement for as long as you wish to and whenever you feel ready, you can gently bring your attention back to the present moment and open your eyes.

Take a few moments to journal your experience of the movement before you go on with your day. You may write it in words or choose to draw or paint.

Happy moving to your inner rhythm!

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