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  • Nandhini Lingam & Dr. Gargi Sandilya

Belonging: Diving deeper

Many of us feel like we belong when we are in familiar surroundings (place, group or setting), and like we do not belong when we are in new spaces. Is belonging then about these external factors?

As my co-facilitator Nandhini and I delved deeper, we discovered that the sense of belonging actually seemed to come from feeling like we are a part of something bigger than us- whether this is an idea of home, community, history or memories.

It is about feeling connected with ourselves and with others. When we feel this connection deep within ourselves, it does not matter where we are, we can always feel at home.

So how do we go about building this connection within ourselves? We have identified three ingredients:

1) Self- Acceptance and Approval: As we accept and approve of ourselves just as we are, there is no need to disconnect with any part of ourselves. Freed from dependency on other people’s perception of us, we can feel happier in our own skins

2) Faith in ourselves and/or a higher power: As we trust ourselves and the universe/God/higher self, we develop a deep sense of security within ourselves. From this space of security, we can safely and authentically connect to others

3) Willingness to be of service: Our willingness to be of service to others, allows us to be involved with more than just ourselves. We can then forge genuine connections with the world around us.

Stay tuned to explore further with us on belongingness.

To develop a deeper connection with yourself and with others, join our next Group Therapy module. Drop a message or email us at for further information.

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