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  • Dr. Gargi Sandilya

Healing the soil, healing our soul

Wouldn’t it be nice to contribute towards living more sustainably and healing the soil, our Earth?

The last few years, the question of living more sustainably has been in my mind constantly. While I have made a few changes in the way I live, there is still a long way to go. Simple things I do include:

  • composting all the green waste at home and using that compost to grow a few plants in my balcony

  • avoiding the use of bathing soaps and replacing them with besan, coffee grounds and moong dal powder

  • using coconut and olive oil instead of factory manufactured moisturisers and body lotions

  • carrying cloth bags when going shopping

There are several other things on my list of possibilities that I am yet to start implementing.

So what are some ways you are contributing to create a greener earth? What are you doing to heal the soil? I would love to hear from you.

Happy Sustainable Beginnings!

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