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“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” - Maya Angelou

What would it be like, if we loved and accepted ourselves and our bodies exactly as we are?

As we grow up, many of us go through experiences that cause us to disengage and disconnect from our bodies and our emotions. These can range from casually cruel nicknames to bullying or traumatic sexual experiences. Living in a society which over-emphasizes a narrow idea of how our bodies should look and function only makes things worse.

How do we get from here to a space of love, acceptance and connection to our bodies? The process can begin differently for different people. For some, it is sheer exhaustion with self-hatred. For others, it could be the widening of exposure to our big beautiful world which is filled with bodies of all kinds, and for yet others it could be the experience of being completely loved and accepted by another.

Where we begin does not matter. What we need to understand is that self-abandonment is never the answer. Hating ourselves and our bodies, punishing ourselves with anger and criticism or withholding love till some future date- all these are examples of self-abuse. Instead, could we start appreciating and loving our bodies in this moment, just as we are?

Look at any part of your body right now and recognize everything it does for you. Caress it with gratitude and love. You only have one body, and this is your home. You get to choose whether your home is one of pain and humiliation, or one of love and acceptance.

To learn more about self-acceptance and develop a deeper connection with yourself and your body, join our next Group Therapy module. Drop a message or email us at for further information.

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