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  • Dr. Gargi Sandilya

Is Expanding Friends circle a Children's thing?

Do you have close friends? Do you feel lonely at times? Do you feel that some of your friends have moved away from you because they busy with their families or children, because their priorities have changed?

I was recently listening to a podcast about making friends where they made an important point that making friends is normally understood as a children’s thing. As adults we hardly every focus on expanding our friends circle, being busy with work and other priorities. Often with marriage and children we tend to drift away from our childhood friends who may not be in the same trajectory as us. Many a time we end up making friends with other parents through school meets and play groups. Some of us may find really wonderful new friendships this way, and others may simply feel lonely. Many of us miss those childhood friendships of gay abandon and sweet secrets and fun and simply being together, knowing each other’s good and not so good sides, accepting each other as we are.

If you are feeling lonely and in need of friends, here are a few things you could try out. You could start with getting to know your neighbours. Inviting them to spend some time with you, taking all necessary precautions of course, can be a start to something new. Or alternatively simply striking a conversation with people you meet when you go for a walk, could also spark a beginning.

Social media and groups on social media are also wonderful spaces for finding like-minded souls. Cultivating a relationship through messaging on social media can be a wonderful start to a long lasting friendship.

Whether you are feeling lonely or not, it might be a good idea to keep expanding your friendship arena. Psychologists say that it is healthy to have a strong social support network.

Happy Friend Making!

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