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  • Nandhini Lingam & Dr. Gargi Sandilya

What is your favourite part of the day? What makes it special for you?

When my co-facilitator Nandhini and I asked ourselves this question, we realised that while we knew what our favourite parts of the day were, neither of us had actually engaged in this in a while.

With motivation ebbing, days merging into one another, getting caught up with the busy-ness of life, it almost felt like we were losing touch with the simple things which make life joyful and fun.

As we spoke, we found ourselves becoming sad. It was as though a kind of inertia had set in, and we did not want to delve into it. We reminded ourselves that the awareness of where we are right now can help us move out of this space and seek the feeling that we want.

We asked each other- what is one small thing that we can do to shift out of the inertia we were feeling in that moment?

The immediate answer was to do something Dr. G L Sampoorna taught us: an AAH!

Just exhaling with this loud, vocalised sigh led to an instant release. (Try it now and see for yourself!) Once we did that, we realised that we could pause just for a second, and appreciate what is around us right now. One of us picked up our favourite pen and appreciated how it allows her to write so beautifully. The other picked up her comb expressing gratitude to it for allowing her to enjoy her favourite hairstyle. This simple activity helped us move from inertia to inspiration, giving us the energy to write this article!

In this week’s interactive wednesday post, some of you shared your favourite parts of the day- those that bring you joy and peace. It reminded us that happiness is not a vague intimidating concept and that it is actually born out of making time for the simple pleasures of life: spending time with family, sharing with friends in an uninhibited way, meditating, having a meal together.

We also recognise that for some of you, this may not seem accessible in the moment. Wherever you are, and whatever your situation is, this is a reminder that when joy seems out of reach in this moment, even a simple pause helps. Today, we invite all of you to take a deep breath, pause and find one thing in your environment which you can appreciate and feel gratitude for in the moment.

Once you do that, check in with yourself and notice: what happened? Did you feel the same, or slightly different?

We would love to hear from you. Do feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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