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When was the last time that you felt the earth firmly beneath your feet?

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

J.R. Rim

When was the last time that you felt the earth firmly beneath your feet?

In a time of flux, where the world itself has become unrecognisable and everything is changing, it is easy to get swept away or lost. Grounding allows us to get centered within ourselves. It provides us with some much-needed stability. From this space of security within ourselves, we can reach out further than we normally would. Paradoxically, by being grounded, we can fly higher.

Lets try it right now. Wherever you are, sitting or standing, plant your feet flat on the floor, and feel the floor beneath you, supporting you, holding you.

Notice if the simple focusing on the sensations between the soles of your feet and the floor brings a shift in the way you relate to yourself and your environment right now.

Whether there is a noticeable difference or not, just this small act can bring us out of the running currents of the past and the future, and back into the present- this moment right here and right now, which almost passed by without any notice.

We now invite you to bring a few moments of grounding into your day. We will be sharing a few more grounding techniques in our video next week. See you then!

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