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  • Dr. Gargi Sandilya

Wouldn't it be nice to love ourselves, all of ourselves?

Do you have parts of you that you dislike, hate or sometimes feel ashamed of? For example, the part of you that gets angry, or jealous, or lethargic, or impatient, and so on. Do you end up criticizing yourself for those parts? Do you also struggle to change and transform those parts? The secret to changing is to love and accept ourselves completely. Only then can we make changes and move toward becoming our own best self.

Take a journal and make a list of things you dislike or wish to change in yourself. From this list choose one that is the most significant for you. Make that into a wish statement such as “Wouldn’t it be nice if I ______”. For example if I want to release my lethargy, I could say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could release my lethargy and feel energetic through the day”. Repeat this several times a day through the week. You could even say it to yourself in the mirror.

Practice this and let me know if you feel a shift in yourself.

Happy Affirming!

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