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Self-Trust Part 2: Why is it important to trust ourselves?

Let us take an example: Meena dreams of being a photographer. She has an eye for beauty and has often been appreciated for her skill. However, she is too scared to make it into a full time profession. She doubts if she will succeed.

After some initial research, she puts off her dream. It seemed to ask too much of her, with no guarantee of success. Deciding that it is too difficult/not worth it, she resigns herself to her current job even though it does not fulfil her.

Meena’s current position may actually not be bad. Yet, in the back of her mind is always a desire to do something else, combined with a sense of helplessness about making it reality. While in her case, it was about her dream career, this actually could apply to any area of our life. We may have dreams related to our relationships, hobbies, lifestyle, etc that we give up on even before we begin. Each time we give up, our sense of incapability and mistrust in ourselves grows.

What would Meena do if she trusted herself? She might look for a mentor in the field or join a group of photographers. She could attend workshops/classes to upgrade her skills, and begin in a small way. Trusting her inner guidance, she would be able to learn from both success and failure, eventually building a successful career. If she wants to try something else later on, she would once again take the steps to make this new dream into a reality.

Suzy Kassem famously quoted that “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Today, we invite you to look at your life, and see where trusting yourself could help you get closer to your dreams.

Next week, we will be sharing some ways to develop trust in ourselves. To know more, and to be guided through this process in our exciting Group Therapy setting, contact us at, or +91-9971150220/ +91-9444964954

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